1. Stars Reduction

Make your stars smaller and less bright.

2. Synthetic Luminance

Add luminance to your picture without buying any filter.
May also be used along with script #3.

3. Nebula/Galaxy Boost

Get a more contrasted picture and enhance details without adding noise.
4 versions available : Small, Medium, Large & XLarge.

4. Over-exposure and Highlights correction

Correct highlights, particularly over-exposed centers of galaxies and nebulas.
Can also be used to reduce the effect of script #3.

5. Nebula/Galaxy Saturation v1

Boost the colors of your nebulas and galaxies, without adding noise or over-saturating your picture.

6. Nebula/Galaxy Saturation v2

Boost the colors of your nebulas and galaxies more strongly than with script #5.
You'll probably get a highly saturated picture.

7. Stars Chromatic distortion Correction

Reduce stars chromatic distortion.

8. Stars Color Increase

Boost the color of your stars.
Can be used after script #7 if your stars lost their color.

9. Dark Background

Darkens bright backgrounds.

10. Deep Sky Noise Reduction

Lowers deep sky background noise only, without affecting the rest of the image.

11. Sky Background Equalizer

Unifies sky background. Caution! Can remove less visible parts of your nebula or galaxy.

12. Convert RGB to fake HOO

Convert your RGB picture into a fake HOO-style picture.


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